Button Patterns

Use buttons to make various patterns.

Below are 3 types of patterns.  The first pattern is made with colors (dark green, light green, dark green, light green).  The second one is a size pattern (small, big, small, big).  The third line is a shape pattern (heart, circle, heart, circle).  


Awesome Aprons for Mom and Dad

Looking for a gift for Mom and Dad this year?

Trace your little ones' hands onto felt and cut them out.  Use felt letters to spell out a special saying.  Glue the felt onto the apron using fabric glue.  You can give the apron as a gift by itself or bundle it with a bottle of BBQ sauce and grilling utensils. 

Is it a "B" or a "D"?

Do your little guys and gals have a hard time distinguishing between lowercase b's and d's?  Try this little trick...tell them, "If you can add a hump at the top to make it into an uppercase B, then it's a b. If not, it's a d."

Scarecrow Patterns

Free Scarecrow Pattern Cards to help your kiddos practice making various patterns. Click here to get your free set.

3 Free Graphs

Use these "Favorite Graphs" in a group setting or individually. To use individually, give the graphs to your students and have them ask others to name their favorite items. This can be done within a classroom setting or at home by asking family members and friends. After their responses have been recorded, determine which category received the most and the fewest votes and how many voted for each category. Click here to get your 3 free graphs.

Free Scarecrow Lesson Plans

Free is good!  For the first time ever, I am giving away one of my thematic units/bundle of lessons.  Click here to get this free unit.

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