Changing a Chair Cheaply

I wanted to add some color to our kitchen without spending a lot of money.  I decided to paint our chairs and re-cover the seat cushions.  This is the second time I have painted our chairs.  After getting 7 chairs and a table (which we did not use) on Craigslist for $80.00 a few years ago, I painted the wooden chairs black.  I liked the ladderback style of chairs and a similar design of chair went for $250/chair at a particular high end store so this seemed (and still does seem) like a great deal.  This time around, I spray painted them red.  The cushions have been covered in an outdoor fabric that was purchased for under $3.00 a yard.  I like the outdoor fabric because spills wipe off easily, which is always a good thing with young children.

First step, remove the cushion.  In my case, it involved unscrewing the cushion from the frame.  Second step, spray paint the chair.  Make sure you choose a paint that is made for your chair material (wood, metal, etc.).  If this is your first time painting the chair, choose a Primer + Paint type of paint.  After it has dried thoroughly, paint over it with a sealant.  I painted outside before our grass was cut so the red paint would not be as noticeable after we cut the grass :-)

Last step, cut the fabric larger than the chair cushion.  Cover and attach it using a staple gun.  Screw it back onto the chair frame and you are done.  I wish I had a before picture to show you, but oh well!

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