Button Patterns

Use buttons to make various patterns.

Below are 3 types of patterns.  The first pattern is made with colors (dark green, light green, dark green, light green).  The second one is a size pattern (small, big, small, big).  The third line is a shape pattern (heart, circle, heart, circle).  


Awesome Aprons for Mom and Dad

Looking for a gift for Mom and Dad this year?

Trace your little ones' hands onto felt and cut them out.  Use felt letters to spell out a special saying.  Glue the felt onto the apron using fabric glue.  You can give the apron as a gift by itself or bundle it with a bottle of BBQ sauce and grilling utensils. 

Is it a "B" or a "D"?

Do your little guys and gals have a hard time distinguishing between lowercase b's and d's?  Try this little trick...tell them, "If you can add a hump at the top to make it into an uppercase B, then it's a b. If not, it's a d."

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