Moving Right Along with a Unit on Transportation!

Matching numbered airplanes to clouds 

Making a fire truck with construction paper and popsicle sticks
 Creating a hot air balloon with construction paper, a paper cup, and tissue paper


 Making a train with square sponges and fingerprints 


Has keeping up with puzzles left you feeling puzzled?

Here is a helpful solution.  Number all of your puzzles, then write corresponding numbers on the backs of all the puzzle pieces.  In case you find a missing piece, you will know exactly where it goes.

Completing a puzzle can sometimes be a challenge for little ones.  Give them a helping hand by creating an outline of the puzzle.  Remove one puzzle piece at a time and draw around it with a permanent marker.  Knowing the shape of the pieces can be a helpful tool in helping children complete it.

Name Plates

The start of a new year usually puts me in the mood to do some extra cleaning and organizing.  By now your students' name plates are probably looking a little ragged.  Why not start the new year off with some new name plates?   Did I mention they are free?  Click here to get your free set. 

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