Kid Made Ornaments

Every year, my children make ornaments for the Christmas tree.  Our tree is decorated mostly with their homemade ornaments.  Below are a few of the ornaments they have made.
Felt Hand Ornament
Use a bowl larger than your child's hand to trace a circle on felt.  Trace your child's hand on a different color of felt.  Cut the hand out and glue it onto the circle using fabric glue.  Use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the circle.  Add string and your ready to hang.
Beaded Craft Stick Tree
First, paint 3 craft sticks green.  Once they have dried, glue them together to make a triangle.  Cut an unpainted craft stick in half, then glue it at the bottom to create a trunk.  After it has dried, tie 3 elastic strings on the side of the tree.  String beads, then tie the other end of the string to the other side of the triangle to secure the beads.  Tie string to the top for hanging.
Craft Stick Tree
Place two craft sticks in the formation of an upside down V.  Cut the ends off craft sticks to make straight edges.  Glue a craft stick at the bottom.  Cut a little off another craft stick to make it shorter, then glue it above the longer craft stick.  Continue this process until it looks like the tree below.  Let it dry.  Next hole punch various colors of paper.  Empty the hole puncher and glue the colored dots onto the tree.  After it has dried, glue yarn to the back of it to hang.
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