Thematic Units

Whether you are teaching in a public or private school, in a preschool or daycare setting, or are homeschooling your Pre-K/Kindergarten children, I have developed lessons and activities that you can use every day for more than an entire school year.  My "Teaching with Thematic Units" series is broken up into the following 4 units, "Teaching with Thematic Units (Beginning of the School Year)," "Teaching with Fall Thematic Units," "Teaching with Winter Thematic Units," and "Teaching with Spring Thematic Units."  Together, the units total over 55 weeks of lessons!

Because I have taught Pre-K and Kindergarten in a variety of capacities (public school, private preschool, at-home preschool, and I am currently homeschooling my kiddos), I understand the importance of daily, hands-on, fun lessons that cover various subjects.  My "Teaching with Thematic Units" provide step-by-step instructions for Math, Language Arts, Science/Social Studies, and Art activities at very affordable prices. 
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